Only 32 women citizens in Vatican City

Vatican City has only 32 female citizens compared to 540 men, according to newly released statistics.

Out of the 572 citizens with Vatican passports, there are 306 diplomats, 86 Swiss guards, 73 cardinals, 31 lay people and a nun. But only 223 of them actually reside in the Vatican, the Herald-Sun reports.

It also has 221 residents, the majority of which are clerics, monks or nuns.

However, residents will no longer be automatically granted citizenship according to a law approved Tuesday by Pope Benedict, Monsters and Critics says.

Instead, members of the clergy, state employees and their families will from now on have to apply for citizenship.

From now on, the state will be off limits to non-residents or non-citizens unless they have a special pass.


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Stefan (CathNewsPhotos/CC 2.0)