Sister trapped in elevator for four nights

Getting trapped for three days and four nights in a cramped 5-by-4 elevator is not most people’s idea of an opportunity for spiritual renewal. Then again, most people aren’t like Sister Margaret Geary.

The Sister of Notre Dame de Namur found herself stuck in her convent’s elevator at St. Mary of the Assumption in Govans President’s Day weekend. Other sisters and the staff of Notre Dame AmeriCorps, which is housed in the convent, were away for a four-day conference.

“I thought, ‘This can’t happen,’” said Sister Margaret, recalling her immediate response when the 66-year-old elevator locked up about two feet off the first floor.

She tried pushing the inside elevator door, but the electricity went off. There was no way to get the door open and her cell phone wasn’t getting a signal.

– George P. Matysek, Jr.


Spirituality aids nun trapped in elevator for three days, four nights (Catholic Review)