Teenage girl seconds away from death saved by holy water ‘miracle’

Lucy Hussey-Bergonzi on the day she came off life-support

Lucy Hussey-Bergonzi was expected to die after she collapsed from a brain hemorrhage.

Her parents called in a Catholic priest to baptise her as they prayed and prepared to say their goodbyes.

But as the water touched Lucy’s skin, her arm shot up in air, the family said.

Within a day, she was off life-support machines and showing signs of recovery, leaving experts baffled.

‘Doctors were saying it was a miracle – people who have brain hemorrhage usually don’t survive them,’ said Lucy.

‘I think it was a miracle. I can’t think of another explanation.’ Mother Denise, 41, added: ‘It could be she was recovering anyway but the way it happened, even the nurses said it was a miracle.’

Child actor Lucy, of Hackney in east London, was admitted to Great Ormond Street Hospital when she collapsed days after filming a small scene for Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince.

She was on life-support for five days before her parents were told she would not make it.

Despite her comeback from death’s door in 2009, Lucy still had to learn how to talk, walk and even eat again.

Today, aged 16, she is rebuilding her life, despite suffering severe headaches and numbness down her right side. [more]