Sinead O’Connor wants to shoot Pope Benedict if he comes to Ireland

Sinead O’Connor has threatened to shoot the pope if he visits Ireland in an expletive loaded assault on Pope Benedict.

Friends now fear for her mental state after her outburst, which has shocked those closest to her.

She warned of a “f ***in bloodbath” if Pope Benedict was to visit Ireland as has been mooted.

Her latest ouburst came on Twitter after a poll was carried out on whether Pope Benedict should visit Ireland.

She warned that there would be a “f **kin bloodbath”. She tweeted “‘Young people of Ireland I love u’ said Sinead as she pulled the f***ing trigger.”

‘Young People of Ireland I love You” is the phrase made famous by Pope John Paul 11 when he came to Ireland in 1979

Sinead also wrote; “There’d be a f**kin bloodbath. Me meet the f **ker off the plane myself,” she added. [more]


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