Archdiocese to Speak Out at Rally Urging City Council to Pass Bill on Wages

Supporters of a bill that would raise wages at city-subsidized projects are celebrating the introduction of a formidable voice to the debate: the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York.

Msgr. Kevin Sullivan, executive director of Catholic Charities, is scheduled to speak at a rally on Monday organized by a coalition of religious, labor and community leaders to urge the passage of the bill, originally introduced last year by two City Council members from the Bronx.

The archdiocese has been hesitant to weigh in on legislative matters, and, indeed, Monsignor Sullivan was quick to clarify in an interview Sunday that the archdiocese had not taken “a specific position” on the bill, saying it generally did not take a position on any piece of legislation.

But he added that the rally on Monday, at Riverside Church, would provide an appropriate setting for the archdiocese to address economic hardship and unemployment, matters of utmost concern to the church.

He said he planned to read a statement from Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, who, Monsignor Sullivan said, will also address these subjects on Tuesday during a Thanksgiving-related event at a Catholic Charities community center in Harlem.

“We’re going to speak about how this economic crisis continues to hurt everybody in society, particularly the poor,” the monsignor said. “We need to make sure there are decent jobs with decent wages.” [more]


New York Times