Archbishop calls for us to ‘reach out’ in wake of tragedy

Milwaukee’s archbishop is asking today for people to reach out in his call for peace after the deadly shootings at the Sikh temple.

“It’s probably a call for all of us,” said Archbishop Jerome Listecki.

He told Newsradio 620 WTMJ’s Jay Sorgi that there’s no one of any God-fearing faith who would ever condone what happened at the Sikh Temple.

“No person of religious values, Christian, Sikh, Muslim or Jew in any way would condone actions like this,” explained Listecki.

“None of us are free from evil in the world.  There is evil.  Individuals have free choice.  Hopefully, they’re guided by the sense of devotion to God and justice, but we know that evil touches the lives of every community, sometimes in very tragic ways.”

The Archbishop explains that people have to respond to evil by reaching out in understanding, especially across religious lines.

“The whole sense of being able to walk in another man’s shoes…reach out to our brothers and sisters and understand those values, and how valuable that call for peace is…that emphasizes all the more importance of us paying attention to what God wants from us in this life.”

He says that response can range from peacefully reaching across religious lines, or even the lifesaving actions of people caught in tragedies like Oak Creek and the  Aurora, Colo. shootings.

“We’ve seen individuals willing to sacrifice their lives, protecting. as in the case of the police officer who was so courageous to do what he did to protect the Sikh community, so many who threw their bodies over loved ones in Aurora,” marked Listecki.

“These are acts of heroism.”