Image of Jesus appears on Hard Rock Hotel window?

(Christian Post) An apparent image of Jesus may have manifested on the window of a Californian hotel known ironically for having many celebrity guests.

Chuck Rickman, a 911 dispatcher, took a photo of the alleged apparition on a window at the Hard Rock Hotel of San Diego on his cellphone this past weekend.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Rickman explained that he was “walking downtown when out of the corner, it popped out at me.”

“It looks like someone had taken a shower and steamed up the window, but I talked with a young man nearby and he said he had seen it for several weeks,” said Rickman.

Jesse Winkler, lead pastor of Westview Church in San Diego, told The Christian Post that he felt that in general “God can do whatever he wants whenever he wants by whatever means he wants and there is nothing that can hinder him.”

“The scriptures make it clear that we live in the age of redemption whereby God is revealing the Son (Jesus) to people on the earth. He does this in both word and deed,” said Winkler. [More]


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