Catholic bishop in charge of cleaning up Vatican finances ‘got stuck in a lift with a rent boy and lived with his gay lover in Uruguay’

Pope Francis is pictured (centre) meeting Monsignor Battista Ricca last month. Ricca is alleged to have only got the job as Vatican bank prelate after the powerful ‘gay lobby’ airbrushed his CV

(Daily Mail) The man appointed by Pope Francis to clean up the Vatican’s scandal-hit bank allegedly had a gay affair with a Swiss soldier and had to be rescued after getting stuck in a lift with a rent boy.

Monsignor Battista Ricca was recently appointed as Francis’s new prelate with responsibility for the Vatican bank, the Institute for Religious Works which has been hit by years of financial scandal.

But according to an expose by weekly Italian news magazine L’Espresso, Monsignor Ricca’s own record is less than spotless.

The publication has claimed that Monsignor Ricca only got the position as IoR prelate after the supposedly powerful ‘gay lobby’ in the Vatican airbrushed his CV.

According to the claims, Ricca took a Vatican diplomatic post in Uruguay in 1999 and caused shockwaves within the church when moved his Swiss army captain lover Patrick Haari in.

The publication claims that the allegations have been confirmed by a number of bishops, priests and laity in Uruguay.

Ricca was eventually moved to Trinidad and Tobago and then recalled to Rome in 2002.

The same year, he allegedly found himself in more hot water when he was attacked at a notorious cruising ground.

Soon afterward, Ricca had to be rescued by firemen when he got trapped in a lift.

He was reportedly found inside with a youth who was known to local police.

As well as his role as primate of the IoR, Ricca is also in charge of the Pope’s residential quarters at the Vatican.

But the Vatican has denied the claims. [More]


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