Schumer, Dolan call for visa extensions for Filipinos in US after Typhoon Haiyan

(New York Daily News) Calling it an act of “classic American hospitality,” Sen. Chuck Schumer and Timothy Cardinal Dolan teamed up Friday to call for visa extensions for Filipinos who are in the U.S. while their homeland recovers from Typhoon Haiyan.

The blanket extension — known as temporary extended status — would allow Filipino nationals legally in the U.S. to continue working or going to school, regardless of when their visas expired.

The extension would last through the duration of the recovery, easing the fears of Filipinos who could be forced to return to their island country in the midst of one of the worst natural disasters on record.

The city’s top Catholic and the state’s senior senator — who are also working together on immigration reform — stood together on the steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral to push for the extension.

“You know how blessed we are,” said Dolan. “This makes eminent sense. This is justice, this is fairness, this is classic American hospitality.”

Letting people stay a little while longer is in the “grand tradition of the Statue of Liberty,” Schumer said. [More]


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