Meet the hottest priests of Vatican in 2014 calendar

(International Business Times) The hottest Vatican priests are set to make your 2014 a hotter year. Italian photographer Piero Pazzi has released his annual Calendario Romano (Roman Calendar) for 2014, which is better known as the “hot priest calendar.”

And when people call it “hot priest calendar,” they mean hot priests in calendar.

The calendar boys included in the photographer’s line-up are strapping young men who are real priests, by the way. Mr Pazzi has photographed them in Rome during the Holy Week. He has also travelled to Seville to shoot photos of the clergymen during the Holy Week procession in the city.

The priests remain nameless, though, and that’s fine with them.

“I meet most of them on the streets in Rome and ask to take their photos,” the photographer told The Local, adding that “most are happy to be photographed after I tell them the reason for the calendar.”

The priests can definitely give the most famous of movie stars a run for their money in the looks department, but as Mr Pazzi said, the calendar is “just a product, a way for people to be better informed about the Vatican.”

The final pages of the calendar contain information about the Vatican, including the history of pontiffs, its museums, and its chemist.

The photographer said that tourists in Rome don’t know a lot about the centre of the Catholic Church, “For example, the chemist stocks mostly foreign medicines that you can’t find anywhere else in Italy. Not many people know about this. Anyone with a medical prescription can use it.”

Interested priests from around the world are welcome to take part in the photographer’s annual calendar project. Mr Pazzi’s only condition is that they have to travel to Rome because that’s where he takes the photos.


International Business Times