If Pope Francis could do one miracle, he would heal suffering children

(Huffington Post) Every day, people around the world pray for miracles to happen– including the Pope.

Pope Francis recently visited St. Cyril parish to celebrate the confirmation of some teenagers, one of which asked the Pontiff what miracle he would perform, if he were able to.

He replied that he would “heal children, because it pains me to see children suffer,” reported L’Osservatore Romano, according to Catholic News Agency.

Pope Francis’ concern for the ill shows in his actions, as he usually sets aside time during the weekly general audiences in St. Peter’s Square to specifically greet the sick and disabled. The world has been moved by some of the images from these sessions, as the Pope opens his arms and his heart to those facing sometimes shocking health difficulties.

Earlier this week he said a special prayer for the poor and vulnerable as part of the observance of the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, on Dec. 8.

According to La Stampa, he prayed that Mary would help everyone “to remain listening, attentively to the voice of the Lord,” so that “the cry of the poor may not leave us indifferent, the suffering of the sick and the one who is in need may not find us distracted, the solitude of the elderly and the fragility of children may move us,” and that everyone “may always love and venerate every human life”. [More]


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