Pope Francis blesses former male stripper’s parrot

(New York Daily News) It’s been a thrilling week for birds at the Vatican.

After two papal peace doves were viciously hunted down by predators on Sunday, Pope Francis was likely angling for a feather-friendly photo opp. But when Francis cozied up to a parrot at the Vatican on Wednesday, he had no idea that “Amore” had a back story of its own.

The bright green parrot is reportedly owned by Francesco Lombardi, a porn star who calls himself a “world champion stripper.”

Lombardi traveled to Rome from his hometown of Trezzano to see the pontiff with his wife and two daughters. He brought Amore along for the ride.

Francis initially zoomed by Amore on his Popemobile during Wednesday’s general audience, but then doubled back and took the bird onto his finger for a few seconds. Lombardi said Amore parroted back the word “Papa” after hearing what the crowd was chanting.

Lombardi admits that the meeting was a “sort of mixing of the holy and the profane.” [More]


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