You know about the ‘Bishop of Bling’ but do American clergy have the same problem too?

(Catholic Online) Last year, Pope Francis made headlines by transferred Germany’s “Bishop of Bling,” Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, a bishop who allegedly spent millions of Euros on his own mansion and lived a lavish lifestyle.

Although the transfer was done quietly, it did not go unnoticed by bishops and cardinals around the globe. It raised an issue concerning lifestyle and vocation. Perhaps, some had made themselves quite comfortable within homes owned by the Church, and even lost sight of their own specific vocation and witness.

Pope Francis has criticized what he called “airport bishops” and clergy who drive fancy cars while flying to engagements around the world. According to Francis, bishops and archbishops should be focused on pastoral duties. They should live simplicity of life, as clergy and consecrated celibates.

When the Vatican Almoner complained that he was virtually chained to his desk with administrative duties, Pope Francis admonished him that he could sell his desk. The Almoner now goes out at night to distribute alms to the poor of Rome. [More]


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