Singer Katy Perry wants to buy L.A. convent, in fight with nuns, archbishop

(NCR Online) Bet no one ever expected to read these words: Katy Perry wants to live in a hilltop Catholic convent in Los Angeles.

But wait, there’s more: She wants to buy a convent that two elderly nuns have already sold to someone else, and they don’t want to sell to the likes of sexpot singer Katy Perry (even if she was raised a good Christian girl).

But now the nuns are in trouble with their local archbishop, who says they don’t own the convent and had no right to sell it. And he wants to sell to Perry.

So Perry waits patiently to hand over close to $15 million (hey, it’s in the trendy Los Feliz neighborhood of L.A.) in cash to whoever does have the right to sell it.

For weeks, lawyers for Archbishop Jose Gomez, the nuns and businesswoman Dana Hollister, who wants to turn it into a restaurant and bar, have lobbed accusations of dirty dealings over the convent, which sits atop a hill near Hollywood. A judge on Thursday will consider whether to block Hollister’s access to the property, which she has already begun cleaning up after purchasing it from the nuns in June, according to The Associated Press.

Hollywood couldn’t make this stuff up. In fact, the story was all over People and US Weekly on Monday, not to mention scores of local media publications, because there’s nothing more fun for Los Angelenos than chortling over a juicy real-estate battle.

Even one involving nuns. Maybe especially one involving nuns. [More]


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