How Pope Francis became the ‘People’s Pope’ in 2015

(NBC News) Pope Francis is known for being a different kind of pope. He has called for equal pay for women, advocated for forgiveness for women who have received abortions and couples that have been divorced or remarried, and even pushed world leaders to address climate change.

Over the last year, he has also made efforts to interact with different people and speak up for their needs. He has met with members of the LGBT community, people with disabilities, prisoners and others.

While he has not accepted same-sex marriage and is still criticized for the treatment of women in the Catholic Church and the handling of the sex scandal, Francis has continued his strides to be the “People’s Pope.”

Pope Francis in Virtual Chat: ‘I’m a Dinosaur.’

Pope Francis held an Internet “Hangout” with children who have disabilities in the United States, Argentina, India and Spain. The children were able to ask the pontiff questions and tell him about their hopes for the future.

He Had Lunch With Gay, Transgender Inmates.

When the pope had lunch with about 90 prisoners of a detention center near Naples, Italy, he did not exclude gay and transgender inmates. Francis also visited Scampia, an extremely poor neighborhood dominated by the mafia. He encouraged people to try to resist exploitation.

He Met With a Gay-Rights Activist.

The pontiff arranged to meet with a gay rights activist during his visit to Paraguay, becoming the first pope to publicly engage with LGBT activists. While he still believes that marriage is defined as being only between a man and woman, Francis has actively tried to be more welcoming to the LGBT community. [More]


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