Cardinal Dolan defends Pope Francis’ comments on Trump

(Naples Daily News) Before speaking at a fundraising event in Naples Thursday, Cardinal Timothy Dolan defended comments by Pope Francis that questioned the Christianity of Donald Trump’s position on immigration.

Dolan said he didn’t hear the comments himself, but said that Pope Francis wasn’t judging politicians. Instead, he was speaking about the principles in the Bible.

“What he is speaking about is principles, he is speaking about the noble principles that have guided … that come from the Bible, that resonate in the human heart and that have been the basis of our country,” Dolan said. “Mainly that beautiful principle, the respect for human life, the dignity of the human person and a sense of enthusiastic and welcoming hospitality that has always been part of the American dream.”

Dolan, who was in Naples to attend the Fifth Annual Scholarship Dinner of Ave Maria University at the Naples Ritz-Carlton, said that if politicians want to take umbrage on the Pope’s comment, that’s their fault. A a good preacher like Pope Francis is happy when people apply the principles to themselves. [More]


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