Francis: ‘New concrete possibilities’ for remarried after family exhortation

(NCR Online) Pope Francis has affirmed that his recent apostolic exhortation on family life has opened up “new concrete possibilities” for Catholics who divorce and remarry without first obtaining annulments.

In a press conference on his way back from a one-day visit to Lesbos, Greece, a reporter told the pontiff that some had interpreted the language in his exhortation to mean that there were no specific changes to the church’s pastoral practice for remarried Catholics while others thought there were.

“Are there new concrete possibilities that did not exist before the publication of the exhortation, or no?” asked the journalist.

“I can say yes,” responded Francis. “Period.”

The pontiff then suggested that people looking for more information consult the presentation given by Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schönborn at the Vatican April 8, the day the new exhortation, titled Amoris Laetitia (“The Joy of Love”), was released. [More]


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