Priests survive unscathed after tree crashes through home

(KHOU.Com) Two priests in Livingston are lucky to be alive after a giant, 100-year-old tree crashed through the roof of their home on Wednesday.

The tree landed just inches from Father Joseph Nguyen.

He and Father Clifton Labbe believe there’s much more to it than “luck.”

The two St. Joseph Catholic Church priests are counting their blessings, thanking a higher power for their lives.

At 4:30 a.m. the priests were sleeping on opposite sides of the church’s living quarters when the tree crashed through Father Nguyen’s bedroom landing right where he sleeps.

“I thought that the ceiling collapsed and at that moment I was on the floor,” recalls Nguyen.

He was on the floor in the one small safe place next to the bed that he doesn’t remember moving to.

Father Labbe heard the crash and went to check on Father Nguyen.

“I came running out and he came running out as well,” said Labbe, “and we both looked at one another and I said, ‘Are you OK?’ and he said, ‘Yeah… I’m OK.’”

Amazingly Nguyen’s only injury is a stiff neck. [More]