Armenians await June visit from Pope Francis

(America) Many Armenians say Pope Francis will be widely welcomed when he visits the country in June, thanks in part to a remark he made about genocide more than a year ago.

In separate interviews, people of the landlocked, mountainous country in Eurasia said many Armenians view the pontiff favorably as well for his moral stance on pressing world issues and for his elevation of an Armenian monk to the rank of doctor of the church.

“It is an invitation from everybody,” said Mekhitarist Father Serop Tchamourlian, when asked about Pope Francis’ upcoming visit.

Father Serop projected that “the whole population” would come out to greet the pope during his trip here. The Vatican has said the June 24-26 trip is in response to an invitation from the patriarch of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Catholicos Karekin II, and from Armenia’s government. [More]


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