Virgin Mary statue ‘weeps’ in Fresno, California

(Huffington Post) A decade ago, Maria Cardenas was given a Virgin Mary statue as a Mother’s Day gift.

That statue, Cardenas claims, has begun to weep.

“It’s beautiful,” the Fresno, California. woman told KFSN-TV of the alleged phenomenon. Her family is calling it a “miracle.”

According to Cardenas, the statue began shedding tears about a year and a half ago after the murder of her cousin, Jessie Lopez. Since then, the statue has wept on and off, she claims, and has attracted visits from astounded believers and priests.

KFSN-TV visited Cardenas’ home and said it witnessed a tear falling from the statue’s face. “It was oily and smelled like roses,” the outlet described, “and another tear immediately started building up.”

Social media has been abuzz this week with news of the weeping Virgin Mary. Some netizens have hailed the phenomenon as a sign from God; while others have cried foul.

“Maybe time to fix that leaky roof,” wrote one Facebook user. [More]


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