George Clooney charms pope, Vatican audience, with ‘bad Italian’

(AAP) George Clooney has charmed the Pope with his Italian speaking skills.

Clooney and wife Amal continued their European summer trip stopping off at Vatican City in Rome to shake hands with Pope Francis.

The Ocean’s Eleven star spoke briefly to an audience and had listeners swooning after he apologised for his “horrible” Italian, Vogue reports.

Clooney then swapped back to his natural tongue of English to praise the Pope’s educational foundation, Scholas Occurrentes, which joins technology and the arts sector together.

“The one thing that we know is that hatred and bigotry have to be taught. We aren’t born this way,” Clooney said, according to Vogue.

“And the fact that Pope Francis and all of you are involving people at such a young age in the schools, the idea that inclusion is the only way were going to make it, that to me is what is so spectacular about what you all are doing.”

Clooney was awarded a medal for his work promoting Pope Francis’ educational foundation.