US presidential election offers the worst choice in 50 years, says archbishop 

(CNS) In his 50 years of voting in US elections, Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J Chaput has said he has never seen the two major parties offer “two such deeply flawed” presidential nominees “at the same time”.

Without naming the nominees – Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton – the archbishop said he presumed they “intend well and have a reasonable level of personal decency behind their public images, but I also believe that each candidate is very bad news for our country, though in different ways.

“One candidate, in the view of a lot of people, is a belligerent demagogue with an impulse control problem,” he said in a speech at the University of Notre Dame. “And the other, also in the view of a lot of people, is a criminal liar, uniquely rich in stale ideas and bad priorities.”

Archbishop Chaput delivered the 2016 Tocqueville lecture on religious liberty, sponsored by the school’s Tocqueville Program for Inquiry Into Religion and Public Life. [More]


CNS/Catholic Herald