Philippine bishops bestow awards on poor Catholic families

(UCAN) The Philippine bishops’ conference has given special recognition to 10 Catholic families for their unity and service to the church, despite enduring poverty.

Among those who received an award was Paul Martin, a member of the Knights of Columbus, a lay minister, and a repairman at the Immaculate Conception Parish Baguio City.

Martin’s wife, Delia serves as lector in their church. They have 10 children, one of whom, Dexter, is a priest. A daughter, Marie Christine, is a nun.

The Martin family has been named one of 10 “outstanding families” because of their “faith with each other and their faith in God and the church of the poor.”

Robert Aventajado, president of the Marriage Encounter Foundation of the Philippines, said the “simplicity” of the families “makes them exceptional among Filipino households.”  

“Their faith in God that He will provide and their faith in each other that love will strive to overcome obstacles have given them exceptional strength,” said Aventajado.

The bishops’ Commission on Family and Life assigned Aventajado’s foundation to lead the search for and selection of the outstanding families.

Aventajado said each selected family showed “faith in action.” [More]