Vatican decision on Marian apparition ‘confusing’

(UCAN) A decision made by the Vatican on a reported Marian apparition in the Philippines some 60 years ago has confused some Filipino Catholics.

“[The devotees] are unhappy, unsatisfied and not at peace with themselves,” said retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz of Lingayen-Dagupan.

The prelate said devotees of the Our Lady of Mediatrix of All Graces have been asking of “some sort of a review.”

Archbishop Cruz said the devotees are not interested “whether there was a miraculous phenomenon or not, but as to the continuation of their devotion.”

In December last year, the Vatican issued a decree declaring the reported 1948 Marian apparitions at a Carmelite Monastery in Lipa, in Batangas province had no supernatural origin.

The Vatican statement overruled an earlier declaration by the local bishop that the apparitions were of “supernatural origin.”

Archbishop Cruz said that after an investigation, the church’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith declared that there was no miracle in the phenomenon. 

“The matter is closed as far as the congregation and the Holy Father are concerned,” said the prelate.

Archbishop Cruz said a pronouncement made by the bishops’ conference, however, further confused devotees.

The country’s bishops said devotion to the Our Lady of Mediatrix of All Graces is centuries old and should be fostered as a “private devotion.” [More]