Matthew Bunson: ‘I’m in the business of hope’ – Cardinal Dolan

(NC Register) Cardinal Timothy Dolan will soon enter his eighth year as archbishop of the Archdiocese of New York, since being named to the post by Pope Benedict XVI in February 2009. He was asked to lead a prayer at the inauguration of President Donald Trump on Jan. 20 in Washington. He spoke Jan. 11 with the Register.

This was obviously an intense political year for the country that revealed sharp divisions. You saw that up close at the Al Smith Dinner in October. What do you see as the root of this problem, and what do you see as a solution to this current political rancor?

Rancor, division, a lack of unity seem to be part of the political process. Now, some of that is natural, some of that is expected, some of that is good, because whenever people are passionate about something, you’re going to have divisions. And [divisions], let’s face it … seemed to be on steroids this past campaign.

What was unique about this campaign season, as you would know, is that there even seemed to be internal to the Republican Party a lot of rancor and division. Where is it going?

I’m in the business of hope, as a believer, as a pastor, and, right now … I would like to [have hope in] the American tradition of coming together, when we have a new president, of a kind of taking a deep breath and saying, “We want to make this work.”

I look forward to going to the inauguration. I look forward to a bit of a “springtime,” and I look forward to that; usually in the American genius, once a campaign is over, there seems to be a move to a little bit more common ground. There seems to be a sense of “Let’s make this work.” [More]


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