Bombay Archdiocese studies impact of pornography

(UCAN) A Catholic archdiocese in India has taken up the country’s first survey considering the effects of watching pornography in order to help counsel families for whom it has become an issue.

The online national survey, created by Bombay Archdiocese, aims to study pornography use across India, focusing on people aged 15 and above who watch pornography at least once a week. Bombay is India’s largest archdiocese covering Mumbai (formerly Bombay), which is the biggest city in the country.

The detailed survey enquires into the patterns of use among regular pornography viewers, seeking to understand their attitude toward work, relationships, family and community.

The family service center of Bombay Archdiocese, uses the term “porn addiction” to describe situations where pornography use has become associated with negative consequences.

“If we have good marriages, we will have good families. Happy and stable families are the foundation of a strong nation,” said Father Cajetan Menezes, who heads the survey project as the director of the family service center.

“There were regular complaints from wives that husbands forced them to watch pornography — a crime under Indian law,” he said.

“When we looked around we found no credible Indian study on the impact of pornography on marriage and family. We wanted to study it,” he said. [More]