Maureen Fiedler: The best source for all things Catholic

(NCR Online) At the risk of truly dating myself, I must say that I can remember the heady days of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65). Suddenly, there was freshness in the air and a new openness in my Catholic tradition. And I soon discovered much of that fresh air because there was great journalism to cover it.

The first NCR appeared in 1964, but I did not see it until 1965. And it was truly a gift of the Spirit! I was in my first years of religious life in those days, but all of us in those early years of religious life eagerly awaited the coming of the National Catholic Reporter each week. (It was a weekly then.)

It was there that we got great, positive, comprehensive coverage of the Second Vatican Council and the documents that flowed from it. It was there that we followed parishes where the altars were turned around and the celebrant suddenly faced the congregation.

It was there that we not only read about Humanae Vitae, but also the protests that followed it. It was refreshing to read progressive views on this document, and not the staid defenses of it that littered diocesan papers. Suddenly, dissent became OK — and one could find in NCR the views of both sides on this issue and many others. Progressive views were not shut out; indeed, they were welcomed. [More]


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