New Ways Ministry list collects gay-friendly parishes

(NCR Online) When New Ways Ministry began its “gay-friendly parishes” list 20 years ago, for at least some Catholic ears it might have sounded like a contradiction in terms.

Now it is the most popular section of the group’s website and contains more than 200 listed parishes, most in the United States, and continues to expand.

Francis DeBernardo, executive director of the advocacy organization for LGBT Catholics, told NCR that parishes become eligible to be listed via an informal process. “People tell us,” he said.

To be listed, parishes must welcome gay Catholics in a public way, via a bulletin announcement or a project or support group that invites gay Catholics and their families to participate.

“We know our list is not comprehensive,” DeBernardo said. There are many more parishes where gay Catholics are made to feel welcome. But the criterion used for admission to the list requires a public welcome. “It has to be more than a known feeling.” [More]


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