Thanks ‘bee’ to God: Iowa beekeeper honored for service as catechist

(CNS) On a recent sunny Saturday morning, Bob Fassbinder and his wife, Kathy, were surrounded by a chorus of buzzing bees as he held up a hive full of honey.

Running his fingers over the perfect hexagonal shapes made by the small insects to catch a drop of this year’s crop for a taste test, he couldn’t contain his enthusiasm.

“This is part of God’s creation right here, and this is one of the most beautiful things he ever did was to make the honey bee, and we just stumbled onto it, right dear?” said the professional beekeeper as he glanced at this wife. “One honeybee for our garden in Des Moines and from there (to this).”

The Fassbinders, members of St. Peter Parish in Clermont, are owners of Fassbinder Apiaries, a beekeeping business with its headquarters near Elgin. [More]