Ancient order, modern times: Order of Malta focuses on renewal

(Crux) For more than 900 years, the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta has seen its fair share of victories, defeats and institutional changes.

However, those challenges did not prepare them for the intense media scrutiny that followed a very public crisis in the order at the beginning of the year.

Mauro Bertero Gutierrez, a member of the order’s Government Council and the person overseeing the institutional reform of the Order of Malta, said that while the first months of 2017 “were indeed troubled times,” the crisis also offered an opportunity to “update the rules by reaffirming our identity.

“Our reform is directed mainly at reaffirming the mission we have had for the last 900 years. When we say mission, it’s in many ways a way of going forward without forgetting that many times to go forward, you must be willing to go back” to the source of the order’s spiritual commitment of service to the sick and the poor, Bertero told Catholic News Service August 1.

The crisis was triggered by an incident involving one of the many charitable projects the Order of Malta is involved in through its humanitarian relief agency, Malteser International. [More]