Being legally blind doesn’t hinder Catholic priest in serving his flock

(CNS) A visitor attending Mass at St. Jane Frances de Chantal Church might not notice anything unusual about the celebrant.

Father Bernard J. Ezaki walks the center aisle of the massive church in Easton. He climbs the steps leading to the altar like any other priest or liturgical minister. He recites prayers with the normal vigor and rhythm of a cleric. People might notice Ezaki doesn’t use the Sacramentary to read the prayers, or that Ezaki holds a micro-cassette in his left hand, and that technology contains all the Mass prayers and readings.

He also distributes holy Communion to the faithful just like any other priest, though he has one rule: Be still. “I need a big landing field,” he said. “I tell them, especially at funerals, ‘I don’t want to put my fingers in your mouth.’” [More]