Philippines’s Catholic Church sounds alarm amid Duterte’s deadly anti-drug crackdown

(The Washington Post) Church bells will ring out in the Philippines — and peal again and again for three months — as one of the country’s most influential Catholic clerics seeks to draw attention to President Rodrigo Duterte’s increasingly bloody crackdown on drug suspects.

The bell-ringing protest, expected to begin Tuesday, is isolated to one archdiocese north of Manila. But the showdown has riveted the nation.

It pits Duterte’s populist strong-arm policies against a well-known archbishop at a time when the church faces widening calls to take a stronger stance against heavy-handed police tactics, which last week left at least 70 people dead.

“The country is [in] chaos,” Archbishop Socrates Villegas said Sunday. “The officer who kills is rewarded and the slain get the blame. The corpses could no longer defend themselves from accusations that they fought back.” [More]


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