US-North Korea: Vatican official says conflict is ‘always the wrong way’

(Crux) As tensions between the United Sates and North Korea continue to rise, the Vatican’s former representative to the United Nations says that Pope Francis is closely following the situation, and that the only way forth is that of dialogue, because the way of conflict is always wrong.

“The way of conflict is always the wrong way,” said Italian Archbishop Silvano Tomasi. “That’s why you need to invest time, energy, money, resources in preventing the necessity of arriving at these boiling points of crisis.”

The current crisis in North Korea, Tomasi said, shows how international relations can easily break down when there is a determination “to violate the minimum standard of common sense in dealing with other people.”

North Korea has recently threatened to launch four missiles into the sea off Guam, as a response to the escalating rhetoric of President Donald Trump. [More]