Francis’ visit to Cartegena draws attention to a city divided by income inequality

(NCR Online) Just outside the city’s touristy historic center, Cartagena locals line up behind the street railings for as far as the eye can see, anticipating the popemobile. Enthusiastic yet peaceful, many are seated in plastic chairs they brought from home, or standing with their multicolored umbrellas on an overcast yet bright Sunday morning.

Pope Francis ended his Colombian tour in this city Sept. 10, starting his day by blessing the corner stone of the homeless shelter Talitha Qum at St. Francis Square.

“We felt total joy at finding out he was coming to our parish, as well as great sense of responsibility — not just for our community but for all those who feel personally connected to the pope’s visit and his message,” said Fr. Elkin Acevedo, pastor at St. Francis, which the pope visited, and director of SEPAS Cartagena, the diocese’s pastoral office. [More]


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