‘Holy chow’ teaches us to behave politically about food

(NCR Online) Whether the issue is city councils and trans fats, fast food jobs for inner-city teens, obesity, diabetes, heart attacks or the fear many have that they (and America) are permanently fat, what we eat matters.

What we put into our body has an impact on our bodies and much, much more.

A couple weeks ago, I revisited the concept of sacred chow — that is, a love of healthy food, disdain for agribusiness and a more thoughtful approach to what and how we eat. Here, I’d like to return to the topic once more in a way that tries to take back the table the way others have taken back the night. Sacred chow helps our bodies embody their holy and sacred intention. It doesn’t keep us from dying so much as turn us toward living.

Becoming more conscious about how food gets on our plates and into our stomach is an essential first political step. Migrant workers, the soil, the pesticides themselves join packagers and truckers and boats in getting our food to our plates. Just looking at everything on any one plate as a long — and not short — experience is important. [More]


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