Meet the man who helped build the pope’s brand on Twitter

(Crux) Pope Francis today is acknowledged as one of the most influential leaders in the world, including on Twitter. Catholic layman Gustavo Entrala, one of the few people in the world who can say they taught a pope how to tweet, defines the “Pope Francis brand” as one of the most consistent in the world.

The pope, Entrala believes, is also the only authentic leader today, and he gives two reasons to back up that claim: Francis has a message that “everyone can understand, and is of universal application,” such as wanting a “poor Church for the poor” and a Church that goes out of herself and into the streets.

“Second, Pope Francis embodies his plan,” Entrala told Crux on Tuesday. “When the pope speaks of poverty, he is manifesting it in a thousand personal ways.”

Back in 2009, after Pope Benedict XVI wrote a letter to the bishops of the world apologizing for lifting the excommunication of four bishops, members of the traditionalist Society of Pius X, particularly Holocaust-denier Bishop Richard Williamson, who’s been excommunicated again for illicitly ordaining a bishop, Entrala and his business partner of the time decided to send their own letter to the pontiff to offer their services. [More]