Pope Francis strongly criticizes Catholics who refuse to accept migrants

Pope Francis has criticized Catholics who refuse to accept migrants and refugees into their countries, saying they often cite an ill-defined “‘moral obligation’ to preserve the original cultural and religious identity” of their nations.

The “temptation of exclusivism and cultural fortification” has arisen among Catholics at times in the past, “but the Holy Spirit always helped us to overcome it, guaranteeing a constant opening to the other,” the Pope said during a meeting with the directors of migrant and refugee services from the bishops’ conferences of Europe.

“I will not hide my concern about the signs of intolerance, discrimination and xenophobia that are seen in different regions of Europe,” the Pope said. “These often are motivated by distrust and fear of the other, the different, the stranger.”

“But I’m even more worried by the sad observation that these reactions are not absent from our Catholic communities,” he said. [More]


Catholic Herald