From Thailand, Pope’s second cousin exhibits the same Bergoglio grit

(Crux) In a small room of an all-girl’s school just an hour and a half from Bangkok in Thailand, Sister Ana Rosa Sivori looks patiently out the window, the sound of children singing religious songs outside and the buzzing of the air conditioner offering the soundtrack.

Only by looking closely can one spot the striking resemblance between Rosa and her famous cousin: Pope Francis.

“He’s worry-free,” Sivori, 75, who is the Sister superior at the Nareewut School, said of her celebrity papal relative. “He is not afraid of anything.”

Rosa and Jorge Mario Bergolio, now Pope Francis, share the same great-grandfather and their parents are first cousins, making them second cousins. Like many Argentinian families, though, the Bergoglio relatives, no matter how distant, are very close.

“We are a very united family,” Sivori told Crux, adding that especially with the older members of the family Francis “was always very, very brotherly, very close.” [More]