To Our CathNewsUSA Readers…

Dear Readers:

Over the past six years we have been proud to bring you, our 6,000 subscribers, an aggregation of the best news, information, opinion and analysis about the Catholic church in the United States and around the world. Though CathNewsUSA is a free service, it is not without cost and an advertising based revenue stream simply can’t cover our operating costs. As a result, I’m sorry to announce that as of Friday September 29, 2017, CathNewsUSA will be forced to suspend publication indefinitely.

I’m deeply grateful for all the support our readers have given CathNewsUSA over the years. It’s been gratifying to be part of this for so long. I’d especially like to thank Joe Torres for his consistent hard work in putting so much of this together over the past several years.

I welcome your feedback or, of course, any suggestions for how to avoid suspension of publication.

Many thanks again.


Bill McGarvey