About CathNewsUSA

CathNewsUSA is produced by a partnership of American and Australian Catholics committed the open reporting and discussion of issues and events of vital significance to Catholics in the United States.

It is the belief of the founders and editors of CathNewsUSA that American Catholics are among the most significant to the life of the Universal Church and that their voice and experience needs balanced, considered and mature reporting in the global medium offered by the world wide web.

The publication is guided by the customary and common ethics of journalism – that there will be fair, honest and accurate reporting and that individuals will not be impugned, demeaned or abused either in the reporting offered in daily editions or in the comments allowed to appear in response to these reports.

The founders and editors are convinced that the present time is a watershed in the cultural life of the Western World in general and in the life of the Catholic Church, locally in the United States and worldwide.

It is the belief of those guiding the foundation and life of CathNews USA that the catholicity of the Church will only be enhanced by the inclusiveness and honesty of the reporting and in the responses made to issues that matter in the Church today.